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Underwater Photography Courses

"The best way for you to get great images is to practice, practice, practice."

At Fin Photo we try to help you get the best images from your equipment you already have, or help you sift through all the options available for you to make your next Underwater Camera and accessories purchase.

If we can't be taking your picture every dive, then allow us the opportunity to share our passion for underwater photography with you.

When you enroll in on of our underwater photography or videography courses you will be introduced to the fundamental skills required to obtain good results. Just as our photo center is designed as a working "portrait studio" our classes continue that theme and are designed to keep the classroom work to a minimum while sharing key information. The primary focus of every class we teach is the actual underwater work. We customize each class to you and your needs. No two students are alike for us at Fin Photo and we strive to help you get the most out of your time with us. If you have recently made an investment in a camera, housing or other accessory and want to find out the best way to use it, let us help you.

The work area of Fin Photo is ideal - well lit for camera preparation, camera storage space is always available, and multiple computers for reviewing digital images.
PADI Digital U/W Photography Specialty

Anyone can pick up an underwater digital camera and take "snap shots." At Fin Photo we want to turn your "snap shots" into photographs. Enhance your underwater photography, one of our full-time professional photographers can help you to get the most out of any underwater digital camera by participating in our Digital Underwater Photography class.

Learning photography is a hands on process. The theory portion of the Digital U/W Photography course focuses on important concepts and techniques with one of our photo pros. So when you hit the water you understand how your camera thinks and will react to you. Theory covers proper assembly, maintenance of the equipment for a long active life to help you capture the magic of the underwater environment. Your Instructor will also cover exposures, the use of white balance, lighting and composition, then accompany you for your "Skills Challenge" dive. These are fun Wide angle and Macro photography tasks to help reinforce the topics discussed during your morning lecture. On your return, the images are loaded onto computer for review. The most valuable part is the critique session with your Instructor where you gain insight into how to improve your shots next time!

The PADI Digital U/W Photography course provides you the necessary training and hands on skills so that you can capture great images!

During the course you will learn good habits, and a basic understanding of proven techniques to shoot good underwater images. Your instructor will be one of our staff photo pro's that are experienced at using the Sea & Sea and other digital camera systems as well as being experts at shooting local marine life.

In no time you will be on your way to capturing great images!
Course Fee (excluding VAT) 1 person $400
2 person $250
3 person $200

(Camera Rental not included in price)

In this course you will also earn a PADI specialty certification course in Digital Underwater Photography that counts towards your Master Scuba Diver Certification. Minimum Age is 10 and must be a certfied Open Water Diver.


DSLR Class (single lens reflex, housed camera)
Digital Underwater SLR ~ Wide-angle Class

Learn how to create stunning images of reefs, wrecks and divers. 

This hands-on interactive full day class begins in the classroom and finishes in the ocean. Topics covered include wide-angle shooting theory, focus control, exposure control and adjustment and composition. The ocean session will develop the skills and techniques to create properly exposed, focused and composed wide-angle underwater images with an underwater digital SLR system. Camera systems are available for use at no extra cost or student can use their own. Diving fee is additional.

The Ultimate Shark Photographer
Shark Shooter Program Work with Hollywood's top shark wranglers on a VIP adventure that takes serious amateur photographers face to face with sharks on a private feeding trip